NEO Insurance Broker

NEO is an independent and boutique broking company that is active in marine insurance segment


We are providing our customers a wide range of service for marine related risks including, but not limited to the following items.

Hull & Machinery

Hull and Machinery insurance will cover your vessel, including hull, machinery, gear and equipment against physical loss or damage. There would be cover for the ship's proportion of salvage, salvage charges, general average as well as wages and maintenance subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance provides cover for classic hull and machinery cover with combination of numerous additional covers to make one-stop- shop possible within pleasure craft segment. There are numerous covers available such as extended machinery damage cover, racing risks, war and strikes, increased value, cash onboard, personal effect, art and valuables, watersports liabilities, protection and indemnity, uninsured boater coverage, medical expenses and personal accident.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides cover against all risks of physical loss or damage to cargo from any external cause during shipping, whether by land, sea or air subject to policy terms and conditions. The way of cargo insurance from single shipment policy to highly complex open contract covering all cargo in all destinations during certain period of time..

Marine Liability

Insurance for liability or property damages to a third party while engaged in marine related operations which caused errors, omissions or negligence in performing services. The cover can be made on a tailor made for any marine related business segment.